About Us

RelaxReflect’s Mission is to be the world’s most recognizable graphic clothing brand to combine cool design with functional purpose. Featuring retro, edgy and innovative reflective graphics that illuminate when exposed to light, our customers can relax in the notion that they are always seen in the coolest clothes on the planet. RelaxReflect™ is also about clothes that feel and look great while utilizing attractive designs that inspire our customers to choose to be seen and those who value individualism and uniqueness in their daily lives.

The inspiration for RelaxReflect™ is to make cool graphical clothing that will stand the purposeful test of time and not simply be another graphics fad in the ever changing fashion market. We always aim to achieve this goal by finding innovative ways to combine style and graphical function in a creative, versatile and meaningful manner. Our designs range from simple, classic and ‘clean’ to the more intricate type of clothing aimed to highlight self-expression and uniqueness. RelaxReflect™ is designed for those who are personally responsible, yet independent, strong and not afraid to express their identity and style.

Our head designer, Jean Kateraas, is inspired by the cultural and structural surroundings of her native Southern California. She also draws on emotional effects from music and films produced there. As a result, she strives to create graphical clothes that convey a uniquely curious, impactful and safe message. RelaxReflect™ is developed for all ages as well as for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

For as long as there is light – please stay safe in the coolest graphical clothing on the planet from RelaxReflect™.


Reflective Clothing
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